It’s the end of Fashion Month and it’s another successful one for the books. While I only physically attended New York’s, I was avidly watching all the livestream from the other cities. This season, I decided to approach NYFW totally different. Rather than booking 20 shows a day and running to and from the hotel for an outfit change every hour, I packed just one (very full) suitcase and found a hotel all the way down in lower Manhattan.

Q&A Hotel offers gorgeous apartment style living in a beautiful landmark Art Deco skyscraper that is built on the tradition of big ideas. Each suite is inspired by an inventor, and the executive suite we stayed in was inspired by the man who launched the first submarine, John Phillip Holland. The other rooms were inspired by people like Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, and Benjamin Franklin to name a few.

Imagine being able to stay in a large spacious place in NYC, let alone a space that is built around the big ideas of these world famous inventors who only asked the big questions in life. It was extremely refreshing to stay in a space inspired by so many ideas and creatives. I had suffered a long (un)creative dry spell this summer and it was the first time I had difficultly tuning back in. Usually doing some yoga and/or meditation helps me get back in the groove, but this time I needed something more. So one week before the start of fashion week I booked my flight, booked my room and off I went. I couldn’t have been happier with my stay at Q&A. The creativity and inspiration that I was surrounded by, in addition to attending fashion week really gave me that refresh I needed to tune back into Simply Jules. This space forced me to ask what if, told me to ask away and reminded me to stay inventive.

Q&A Hotel

Q&A Hotel

Q&A Hotel

Q&A Hotel

From my daily outfits, to my skin care routine, to the 800 thread count in my Egyptian sheets, the jewelry I wear and my weekly buys at Barneys, it is undeniable that I have a deep rooted appreciation for everything luxurious.The life of luxury has absolutely no end, so don’t think I’m about to stop there…

SOLUX Med Spa is my second world of all things lux. If there is ever anything I ever want to get done, there is no denying that I am going to go to the best of the best. SOLUX is like your one stop spa shop for basically every service. Ranging from Microneedling, Mommy Makeover, laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, facials, botox, dermal fillers, eyelash serum, acne treatment, stretch mark reduction… they EVEN have a Camp Gorgeous for all you brides out there! Have I said enough yet now? Not yet…

Back in July, I decided to meet with a specialist at SOLUX to finally undergo a Coolsculpting procedure. For those who aren’t familiar, Coolsculpting is a noninvasive procedure that essentially freezes and kills your fat cells. Once these cells are dead, it is all up to your lymphatic system to rid the dead cells. Best part, they never grow back in the treated area! While this is not a weight loss solution, it is the perfect solution for those stubborn areas you just can’t seem to lose.

Let’s take it back to when I was a sophomore in high school, I’m not going to sugarcoat it because I was HUGE. Not skinny girl “oh i need to lose 3 pounds”… more like I could lose 30 pounds and still be comfortable to lose a bit more. I lost the weight a year after the tragic weight gain, however my inner thighs just got a little too comfortable in their new home. After years of trying to slim them it was time to introduce them to an 11 degree Celsius machine.

Although there is a tiny catch to this perfect solution… you have to have a lot of patience. It takes about 1-3 months to see your results because your body needs time to flush out all the dead fat cells. I got this procedure done just about three months ago and I can definitely say I have noticed a difference, especially with how my clothes fit. That’s after just 1 treatment (2 is recommended) and I still have another month to process results. Honestly, I would go back for a second treatment just to hang out with the amazing team at the spa – they really make you feel so welcome and they treat you like the queen you are. We were even joking and sipping champagne the whole time I was in treatment!

I am so thrilled I found a spa that effortlessly fits into my lifestyle. I’m about to revisit the spa for my 3-month check up, so stay tuned for my final post on SOLUX! In the meantime, scroll down and lush over the luxury in the spa that awaits your consultation…


Noyane Conrad Chicago

Rooftop season is undoubtedly among us and it is undoubtedly in full swing. Sitting right off the Mag Mile lies the Conrad Chicago – I have been a huge fan of the Conrad ever since I visited their NYC location, so when Noyane opened on the rooftop here I knew it was going to be above and beyond (literally).

Noyane is a Japanese word that translates to ‘hidden roof’, but it is by no means a secret. While you enjoy some rosé, a Lychee Martini or some contemporary Japanese cuisine, you’re surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere in addition to Chicago’s finest high- rises and views.

We came with an appetite and dove right into a bottle of rosé and some courses. We started the meal off with a King Crab Maki Roll and some Hamachi + Tuna Tartare. Both were so divine and were so rich in flavor, I have never had such a yummy Maki roll. We quickly followed our first course with Pork Belly Steamed Buns and Tempura Rock Shrimp; To say that we were deeply satisfied would be an understatement.

After our courses, we got to meet and talk to the Executive Sushi Chef, Jordan Dominguez as he spoiled us with some of his exclusive speciality dishes.

As someone who seeks and values the fine dining experience as much as myself, Noyane checked everything off my list. Whether it’s for a date, dinner or happy hour, it would be an absolute shame to not experience Noyane at the Conrad this summer.


Now pick up your phone and make your reservation!!

There’s nothing we love more than supporting women, especially women who inspire other women. So who’s inspiring us right now? From Bella Hadid to Shea Marie, ladies, all eyes are on you…

There are those fashion bloggers who you love but you wouldn’t want their exact wardrobe, and then there’s Lucy Williams.

Never has been saying “I love everything about her outfit” been easier. While keeping with the current trends, Lucy is always able to put her own little spin on it whether its intricate jewelry or her Chanel drawstring backpack, she owns every outfit with ease. On a side note, how beautiful is her Instagram?


Now, not to fall into the trap of mindlessly following the Jenner/Hadid clan…but Bella Hadid has been executing every look she wears to another level.

We were all wondering how she was going to be able to top off the ultimate naked red dress by Alexandre Vauthier she wore last year to the Cannes Film Festival. Staying true to Monsieur Vauthier, Bella came through this year with the perfect pink dress, glazed with Chopard jewels. But the best accessory? Her ice cream cone from the French Riviera.

Can we all just take a moment to admire Rocky Barne’s boob-grabbing bikini…


This SoCal girl has been able to combine her love for the beach with retro vibes, and make it look effortless. Never has someone’s passion of the jet-set life suited them so much from her Revolve trip to Anguilla in January to her Turks and Caicos escape.

Summertime is slowly approaching and that means bathing suit season is trailing right behind. One pieces have been one of the top trends for over a year now and Shea Marie has been slaying them like no other. She adds her own personal touch of accessories to always stand out and we are especially loving all the body jewelry! Time for us to hit the beach looking like her ASAP.

We are always up for some weekend therapy with a splash of style! Chiara Ferragni has been entering her weekends by throwing on chic, party girl dresses that never fail to flatter. From silky red to bold silver statement dresses, she is dressed to impress for every occasion (including her recent engagement!).

Lainy Hedaya can now take all the attention away from the west coast girls and bring us into a land of ruffles in NYC. She struts down the city streets with extra class due to her compelling style. Her “on-the-go” involves stopping traffic so people can swoon over the array of fabrics she is wearing. We’ll be sure to hit our brakes when we see her in NYC.


Written by Simply Contributors Linda Burt & Stephanie Slager

Today I wake up in some of the finest lingerie by Fleur du Mal, with a hand embellished sleeping mask full of Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones… I get out of bed only to walk into a room where there are hundreds of balloons sweeping the floor and a two tiered cake from Toni Patisserie awaiting my delight. Happy 23rd birthday to meeeee!


Space provided by Bangtel, Cake by Toni Patisserie, Dresses + Jewelry by Azeeza, Lingerie by Fleur du Mal, Balloons from Paris 312, Alcohol provided by Minibar

While you’re on your way home from work today, winding down your Tuesday evening, I want you to imagine yourself on the 22nd floor of one of the finest hotels in Midtown, Hotel 48LEX.

Now, I have to say, getting here was definitely not as easy as initially planned. I always like to put in a lot of effort when I plan NYFW to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Little did the forecast predict that there was going to be a massive snowstorm on Thursday, the day of our flight. First flight cancellation and a new flight later that day, only for us to arrive at the airport to find out that our second flight had also gotten cancelled. After talking to every airline possible, and throwing back a few cocktails since we were missing a majority of our shows, Stephanie and I booked the first flight possible leaving Friday morning.

24 hours and two connecting flights later, we finally landed in NYC. Arriving at our hotel never felt better, especially as we entered the elevator to go to the top floor. As you enter your master suite,  you pass a cute small kitchenette, only to be greeted by a beautifully laid out living room. The best part? Entering the bedroom and looking out at a panoramic view of Midtown. It was absolutely.beautiful.

Simply Jules Hotel 48LEXSimply Jules Hotel 48LEXFive o’clock quickly came around and Steph and I went to The Lounge for happy hour. From 5-6pm the hotel offers complimentary wines from South Africa and an assortment of cheese and crackers. In the morning, they have a really great selection of breakfast foods and beverages to get your day started. If you’re craving a sit-down meal that’s a little more upscale, the Lexington Brass is conveniently attached to the hotel, and their chicken parmesan is a definite must-have! We quickly felt settled in and comfortable, and we were ready to tackle our first show and launch party with Milané Noir.

Simply Jules Hotel 48LEX

After a long night, we naturally had to request room service the next morning because who doesn’t get room service when staying in place like this?! I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it was to sit in bed, sipping a hot cup of coffee with all of Manhattan’s natural light flooding the bedroom.

As much as I wanted to stay in bed and enjoy the views all day, a trip to NYC can never be too relaxing when you’re there for Fashion Week. I’ll save all of Fashion Week’s details for next week’s post where I’ll recap some of my favorite shows! For the meantime, keep on scrolling for some of my NYFW looks ❤

Simply Jules Hotel 48LEXSimply Jules Hotel 48LEXSimply Jules Hotel 48LEXSimply Jules Hotel 48LEXSimply Jules Hotel 48LEXSimply Jules Hotel 48LEXSimply Jules Hotel 48LEXSimply Jules Hotel 48LEX

Simply Jules Hotel 48LEX Simply Jules Hotel 48LEX Simply Jules Hotel 48LEX Simply Jules Hotel 48LEXSimply Jules Hotel 48LEX


When the place you call home turns cold hearted for at least 4 months of the year, it is beyond a blessing to have the ability to escape somewhere warm. Most often times, this means lighting a few candles and making a scorchingly hot bubble bath, but this past weekend was a little different. This time it involved flying down to Florida’s southernmost point, Key West.

Key West is a very tiny island and has a total area of only 7.4 square miles. Every local we spoke to said what they love most about the island is how safe it is. You also cannot help but notice the diversity of the island. People we met had come from all over the world to settle down in this peaceful place.

Inspired by this rich culture is a little hotel on the eastern side of the island, The Gates Hotel Key West. As we checked in, we were generously greeted by a friendly staff and a mini cocktail. Once we changed into our swim suits, we joined the other travelers at the hotel’s pool bar. The entire hotel has a very intimate setting, allowing you to really get a feel for the history and energy of the island. Everyone we spoke to was so friendly as each and everyone of the staff members taught us something new about the history of Key West. When we weren’t enjoying one of the many yummy cocktails, we enjoyed the hotel’s delicious foods and southern island touch from the hotel’s food truck The Blind Pig. I have to admit… I have a weakness for good chicken & waffles and these just hit the spot. Key West is also known for their conch, and their conch fritters were delicious!

The Gates Hotel Key West

In the evening, we would catch the breathtaking sunset at Sunset Pier and enjoy some oysters. Afterwards, we hit up Duval Street which is lined with an assortment of bars and restaurants where we met people from all over the world; Alaska, South America, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Netherlands… the list goes on!

When the end of our nights came about, it was so assuring to come back to the warmness of The Gates Hotel. We only spent three nights in Key West but The Gates immediately felt like home, making it that much harder to say farewell.

The Gates Hotel Key West The Gates Hotel Key West The Gates Hotel Key West The Gates Hotel Key West The Gates Hotel Key West

It’s Monday evening and I’m cuddled up in a fuzzy blanket with a warm bowl of soup, dreaming back to my luxurious stay at The Benjamin not too long ago.

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As of lately, I have been noticing an increased amount of stress sleeping … I wake up with a tight clenched jaw, I usually have a slight headache and I’m rattling off a to-do list before my eyes are even open. It’s not at all healthy and not to mention extremely uncomfortable. My mission while at The Benjamin was to put a stop to all underlying stressors. I mean, how could you not let go of the stress in a suite like this? With a pillow menu to choose from, you cannot not wake up feeling like a new person. Waking up in the beautiful master bedroom with gorgeous natural light flooding in from the large windows looking out onto the terrace – You slide on your robe, grab your morning smoke and a hot cup of coffee that was just ever so kindly brought to your room. You step outside only to see irreplaceable views of the city as you sip your coffee, watch the hustle and bustle 18 stories beneath you, and immediately feel refueled, refreshed and at peace. Also located in the hotel is a salon, so that you can start your day as pampered and well-manicured as you like, or if you need that luxurious afternoon pick-me-up.

Morning quickly turns into evening, and it is time for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, The National. You slip on your gold dress and shoes as you walk into the dining room and instantly are guided to your table. The menu has a wide array of delicately curated options, as well as $1 Oysters Hour from 4:30-6:30pm. With every bite is more and more satisfaction given its quality and pristine tastes.

Staying at The Benjamin was a like a daydream, an escape from the stress and a retreat to better listen to your body and address your personal needs outside of work. For me, it’s always about getting a taste of fresh air to rid the old energy and bring in the new – it’s about remembering the importance to always be attentive of your body’s needs in order to always be your best and put a strong foot forward.

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Hello hello and happy Friday! I actually can’t believe it’s already the weekend again… This past weekend was spent in NYC and it feels like just yesterday I was there. This was probably my first trip to New York where I was not running around like a crazy lady. This time it was completely business free and I finally got to enjoy the city and its people without the stress of work.

It has been a while since I have actually looked forward to going out on the weekend, because lately I have just been inviting bottles of wine over to my apartment and watching Netflix. So to kick it all off, we started Friday night thirty stories high at The Skylark for light bites and cocktails. If you’ve never been to this rooftop hotspot, I definitely recommend. No matter what the season, it is the perfect place to go for endless views and delicious tastes. The Skylark just released their new fall cocktail list and the Mezcal and Bourbon were the go-tos.

Afterwards, we danced around the city for a bit and made our way down to where I was staying, the trendy Yotel.  Inspired by first class travel, the founder translated the language of luxury airline travel into small luxurious cabins just west of Times Square. All the way on the very top floor we ran to, popping bottles of Moët and cheers-ing over the stunning views from the cabin.

_dsc0633_dsc0779_dsc0762_dsc0694 _dsc0796

The next morning to my surprise, was a Middle Eastern inspired breakfast cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant, the Green Fig. This I was not expecting at all but was so excited to see that they had a falafel waffle with poached eggs, and yes it was delicious. There is nothing like a good touch of home when traveling, and the Yotel did just that.

Photography: Scott Kaplan / @scottkaplanphoto