There’s nothing we love more than supporting women, especially women who inspire other women. So who’s inspiring us right now? From Bella Hadid to Shea Marie, ladies, all eyes are on you…

There are those fashion bloggers who you love but you wouldn’t want their exact wardrobe, and then there’s Lucy Williams.

Never has been saying “I love everything about her outfit” been easier. While keeping with the current trends, Lucy is always able to put her own little spin on it whether its intricate jewelry or her Chanel drawstring backpack, she owns every outfit with ease. On a side note, how beautiful is her Instagram?


Now, not to fall into the trap of mindlessly following the Jenner/Hadid clan…but Bella Hadid has been executing every look she wears to another level.

We were all wondering how she was going to be able to top off the ultimate naked red dress by Alexandre Vauthier she wore last year to the Cannes Film Festival. Staying true to Monsieur Vauthier, Bella came through this year with the perfect pink dress, glazed with Chopard jewels. But the best accessory? Her ice cream cone from the French Riviera.

Can we all just take a moment to admire Rocky Barne’s boob-grabbing bikini…


This SoCal girl has been able to combine her love for the beach with retro vibes, and make it look effortless. Never has someone’s passion of the jet-set life suited them so much from her Revolve trip to Anguilla in January to her Turks and Caicos escape.

Summertime is slowly approaching and that means bathing suit season is trailing right behind. One pieces have been one of the top trends for over a year now and Shea Marie has been slaying them like no other. She adds her own personal touch of accessories to always stand out and we are especially loving all the body jewelry! Time for us to hit the beach looking like her ASAP.

We are always up for some weekend therapy with a splash of style! Chiara Ferragni has been entering her weekends by throwing on chic, party girl dresses that never fail to flatter. From silky red to bold silver statement dresses, she is dressed to impress for every occasion (including her recent engagement!).

Lainy Hedaya can now take all the attention away from the west coast girls and bring us into a land of ruffles in NYC. She struts down the city streets with extra class due to her compelling style. Her “on-the-go” involves stopping traffic so people can swoon over the array of fabrics she is wearing. We’ll be sure to hit our brakes when we see her in NYC.


Written by Simply Contributors Linda Burt & Stephanie Slager

Today I wake up in some of the finest lingerie by Fleur du Mal, with a hand embellished sleeping mask full of Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones… I get out of bed only to walk into a room where there are hundreds of balloons sweeping the floor and a two tiered cake from Toni Patisserie awaiting my delight. Happy 23rd birthday to meeeee!


Space provided by Bangtel, Cake by Toni Patisserie, Dresses + Jewelry by Azeeza, Lingerie by Fleur du Mal, Balloons from Paris 312, Alcohol provided by Minibar

Hello everyone!! It has been a while since I’ve given a life update on here so here we go!

It has been crazy in the house of Simply Jules. My birthday is just a few weeks away and my team and I have been working extremely hard preparing something really special for the big day! I am such a fan of birthdays; I think they are such an easy and fun excuse for you to go that extra mile in pampering yourself with everything and everyone you love. I can’t get into too much detail about what we have planned, but I promise you it is pretty. darn. huge… so I can’t wait to show you. May 11th. Keep an eye out.

In other news, I have a new bag!! (As if I needed anymore…) But I will say that I was very much overdue due for a new mini. My bags are either too big which I use for work, or too small for when I go out at night that I can’t even fit my iPhone 6 Plus which is always annoying when you’re out. So finally I found this black leather cross body by COCOVANN and it is beautiful! It is that perfect in between size that can be brought from day to night effortlessly, which is the exact mission of the brand. From the office to happy hour to a night on the town, no more switching bags a million +1 times. Plus, the durability of the leather is flawless! I never understood spending so much money on leather bags that get scratched by a fleck of dust. What I really love about COCOVANN is that they value the working woman – acknowledging the responsibilities of work and life while still being stylish and chic. The girl boss meets the party girl and everything in between with this handbag and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Check out how I styled it below – a super simple and comfortable look while the bag does the talking. I’ll most likely be carrying this bag out with me over the weekend so stay tuned on Instagram Stories to watch it take on Chicago night life!

CocovannCocovann Cocovann Cocovann  Cocovann Cocovann Cocovann

One of the best things about fashion is that it can speak for you without using words. We definitely saw designers speak more of who they are through their F/W ’17 collections. Watch out velvet and a fur, silver masterpieces have arrived from the future and have struck the runway. Each designer added his or her own flare on this trend and created a galaxy of clothing pieces. For starters, Jonathan Simkhai had some bold statement pieces during NYFW, which included lots of sparkle and silver embroidering. Over in Paris, Balmain approached the futuristic trend differently by creating very bouncy and frilly pieces that are versatile for any body type. The lustrous shine from these pieces makes anyone who is wearing them stand out in a room full of people. Once fall approaches, we will all be pulling inspiration from the stars above and bringing it down to earth. Cheers to the future!

By Simply Jules Contributor - Stephanie Slager

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Another successful fashion month has come to an end with PFW wrapping it all up last week, but what we saw on the runway is thankfully here to stay. This runway season we saw an appreciated amount of glitz and glamour, sheers, velvets and futuristic references. But besides the cuts and fabrics, we are starting to see designers communicate to the audience more about themselves and the world. I really loved examining the aspects of each show as a whole, fashion is after all a reflection of who you are and what’s going on in our culture and world around us.

Let’s begin the recap from NYFW with Stacey Bendet for Alice + Olivia. I am loving her colors and embellishments here, and we see that she grabbed inspiration from Indian emperors and the Italian Renaissance, not to mention the undeniably stunning space this was shot in – it could not have fit the vision for the collection better! We saw everything between sparkly silhouette dresses to bold two piece sets, a whole lot of color and variance in textures and fabrics; after all, options are what Bendet does best. “It’s about taking everything you’re seeing and hearing and interpreting it as your own,” the designer said.

Up on 146th street New York, Alexander Wang took a darker, more concert-like approach in the majestically crumbling Hamilton Theatre. Wang created an almost entire black collection while still incorporating the party girl, which we all know I love and appreciate on a whole deeper level. His show began with tailored cuts and pieces, and moved quickly on to leathers, catsuits and silver chain detailing. Although we didn’t see any drastically new designs from him, it was a showstopper nonetheless

Mugler was another collection that really caught my eye; admiring the fierceness of his collection as it mimicked the shape of my personal favorite perfume bottle “Angel”, the star design that Thierry has ultimately trademarked. I am majorly loving the comeback of padded shoulders as he exhibited consistently throughout his collection.

Let’s turn our heads to what I  personally consider to be the most significant show to occur this season, Dolce & Gabbana. An assortment of ethnicities, shapes and ages walked down the runway from mothers and daughters to sisters and toddlers, displaying their collection on over 140 people. We saw models, European Royalty and some of the most influential millennials like Kristina Bazan and Negin Mirsalehi showcase the couture. D&G really wanted to incorporate the close human relationships they’ve developed over the many years to not only present their collection but to also display the character of everyone who walked down the runway. D&G also utilized the usage of millennials to make their customers relaxed about buying their clothing, making them feel at home given the assortment of faces that walked this line. They triggered something deeper within its audience – “that is a glorious achievement – something deeper and more enduring than any seasonal novelty.”

Chanel also put on a breathtaking show per usual, this year at the Grand Palais and greeted by a giant space rocket; a metaphor playing off of NASA’s announcement about other potential life supporting planets. With a collection of 99 looks, we see Karl’s never failing elegance, but this time with a touch of futuristic plans to escape Earth, and especially given the mess it is currently in, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea.  To the Chanel Universe we go!

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Brand new and from Christian Villa’s latest collection, are two little leather handbags that traveled all the way from Italy and into my wardrobe. Over the Atlantic lies the workshop of some of the finest Italian leather artisans. Handcrafted piece by piece, the finest leathers come together using techniques that are already used by famous luxury brands, to form the handbag you carry today.  I introduce to you, Armadio.

ArmadioI have always been a fan of red, but really started integrating the new hue into my wardrobe this season. When I saw this little red bag I knew I had to have it. Even upon arrival, the smell of fresh leather pervaded the room, and you could immediately tell how carefully crafted each piece is. Since I wear a lot of neutrals, it was fascinating to see the amount of energy a little ruby red gives you, especially when you’re carrying it around with you all day.  I actually love the feeling I get when carrying it; it is a warm and positive color, and it excites and motivates. The fringe detailing also gives the simple cut of the bag a little boost of uniqueness.

Armadio Armadio Armadio ArmadioNext up is this soft leather navy bag that also made it from overseas, and quickly became my new every day carry. You all know how much I love my head-to-toe black, so I love that this bag gives my look a bit of variance and breakage. Both of these bags are handcrafted in Milano by Christian Villa, one of the many artisans Armadio carries.  It is all about these simple versatile statements that make my wardrobe what it is, and I love being able to carry these bags knowing how authentically handcrafted they are. The quality and price that Armadio offers is without a doubt, a luxury must-have. Armadio

Armadio Armadio Armadio

Shop handbags / Boots by 3.1 Phillip Lim


Happy Friday my dears! I write this from my hometown of Cincinnati as I sit outside around a little gaslit bonfire, sipping some coffee and looking out onto the pond and forest of my backyard. I have never really digressed into the place I call home, so I am going to save that for a very special blog post as we near the end of November. Today, I also have to credit my second home, Chicago, for their amazing victory the other night making the world series! I’m not one to get too involved with sports, but what an amazing time to be a Chicagoan!

As of lately, a lot has been happening in the life of Simply. Our team is expanding and is undergoing a lot of changes and alterations…growing pains as I like to call them. It is very easy to get overly overwhelmed when running your own business, especially when your friends and colleagues have more of a traditional job and corporate office space. For me, every day and every week is different and it is up to me how it is all structured. But that’s how I have always preferred it. My mom likes to say I have been an entrepreneur ever since I was young; I prefer doing things in my own way, on my own time; it’s about being free and independent. One day I stumbled upon a New York based brand, that shares a similar passion:

“Beautiful. Free. Independent. Dynamic. She walks into a room and immediately is recognized. Her personality is captivating. She works hard, but still finds time for play. She elegantly flirts with fashion. She is sexy, yet sophisticated. She is, Milané Noir.”

Everything about Milané Noir spoke to me, from the sexy sophistication of their handcrafted womenswear to the message behind their story. The amazing thing is, they’re able to actually portray that woman in their clothing. The brand was born to empower the modern woman and focuses on craftsmanship, authenticity, and diversity.

I was immediately drawn to their Frangia blouse, which offers delicacy and elegance while maintaining that same sophistication, independence and sexiness. Every time I put on this blouse, or even see it hanging in my armoire, I remember what it stands for. I don’t wear clothes just for the sake of wearing clothes. It is about embracing the purest essence of everything I come encounter with.

SImplyJulesxMilane Noir


SImplyJulesxMilane Noir SImplyJulesxMilane Noir

SImplyJulesxMilane NoirSImplyJulesxMilane Noir

Use “SIMPLYJULES for free shipping on all orders!

Photography by Kohl Murdock

Clink, Clank, Cheers – some of the many sounds of Halloweekend passing by us. Running around the city of Chicago trying to make each and every fabulous party we were invited to, making sure to see everyone that deserved to be seen. Each night involved taking on an alter ego and adapting a new persona till the costumes came off. But when is any look ever complete without the proper jewels, and I’m talking 14k solid gold and handcrafted sterling silver.

“A new tradition of luxury” is the motto at Mejuri, as women have two choices to make when it comes to jewelry; expensive classic pieces, or cheap costume jewelry? For Halloween weekend, I could definitely say both. But what if among all the tricks you find the most ultimate treat; jewels so intricately designed, always hand finished but never too expensive. Not a trick. Mejuri explores the depths between the classic and the modern when crafting each piece, delivering only the upmost quality. Because at the end of the day when the masks come off, the wigs get put aside, the cheap costume jewelry gets stored for next year, and a clean pure face is revealed when the makeup wipes off… you have just one thing left; and that is your classic fine jewelry. Here at Simply Jules, we value the time and precision that gets put into every piece you see published and worn on this channel. The jewels curated by Mejuri never go out of style and are sure to honor the beauty of the everyday. That’s what you want right? Pieces of jewelry that you can wear at any time of day, everyday, and that honor the beauty of what we live in.





Shop Mejuri pieces: Cuff Ring Silver + Evil Eye Ring



Six suitcases, months of preparation, a million runway shows, a million and one presentations, all for one week of fashion. Yes, we are in the midst of New York Fashion Week and designers are presenting what we can eagerly await for come spring.

Every time I come to New York I am always taken back at how large, beautiful and hectic this amazing city is. Especially during fashion week, you see so many different types of people, styles, fashion, not to forget all of the running around from one side of Manhattan to the other. I am sure you can imagine how quickly the week can become very overwhelming. I personally think it is overwhelming in the best way possible, given the amount of work that gets put into just this one week, it’s astonishing. Luckily, this season we got to kick it all off with the beautiful Marmara Park Avenue Hotel. Whether it was running in and out between shows, or taking a break and enjoying the hotel’s beautiful luxury, being able to go home to the Marmara during this crazy time was one of the best rewards. The interior of the hotel was designed by the famous Joe Ginsberg, and he did such a marvelous job making the entire hotel feel comfortable and at home. It’s minimal design is the perfect escape from the busyness of the city, not to mention the amazing team who went out of their way to ensure we were taken care of. We got to also enjoy the luxurious views, views that give you the perfect taste of what NYC is all about. It certainly made me want to call this city my real home one day. We still have 5 days remaining, so stay tuned for what’s to come!


Photography: Kohl Murdock

Hair: Jonah Hoover at Dennis Bartolomei Salon

Edits/Styling: Moi ❤