Happy Friday my dears! I write this from my hometown of Cincinnati as I sit outside around a little gaslit bonfire, sipping some coffee and looking out onto the pond and forest of my backyard. I have never really digressed into the place I call home, so I am going to save that for a very special blog post as we near the end of November. Today, I also have to credit my second home, Chicago, for their amazing victory the other night making the world series! I’m not one to get too involved with sports, but what an amazing time to be a Chicagoan!

As of lately, a lot has been happening in the life of Simply. Our team is expanding and is undergoing a lot of changes and alterations…growing pains as I like to call them. It is very easy to get overly overwhelmed when running your own business, especially when your friends and colleagues have more of a traditional job and corporate office space. For me, every day and every week is different and it is up to me how it is all structured. But that’s how I have always preferred it. My mom likes to say I have been an entrepreneur ever since I was young; I prefer doing things in my own way, on my own time; it’s about being free and independent. One day I stumbled upon a New York based brand, that shares a similar passion:

“Beautiful. Free. Independent. Dynamic. She walks into a room and immediately is recognized. Her personality is captivating. She works hard, but still finds time for play. She elegantly flirts with fashion. She is sexy, yet sophisticated. She is, Milané Noir.”

Everything about Milané Noir spoke to me, from the sexy sophistication of their handcrafted womenswear to the message behind their story. The amazing thing is, they’re able to actually portray that woman in their clothing. The brand was born to empower the modern woman and focuses on craftsmanship, authenticity, and diversity.

I was immediately drawn to their Frangia blouse, which offers delicacy and elegance while maintaining that same sophistication, independence and sexiness. Every time I put on this blouse, or even see it hanging in my armoire, I remember what it stands for. I don’t wear clothes just for the sake of wearing clothes. It is about embracing the purest essence of everything I come encounter with.

SImplyJulesxMilane Noir


SImplyJulesxMilane Noir SImplyJulesxMilane Noir

SImplyJulesxMilane NoirSImplyJulesxMilane Noir

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Photography by Kohl Murdock

Clink, Clank, Cheers – some of the many sounds of Halloweekend passing by us. Running around the city of Chicago trying to make each and every fabulous party we were invited to, making sure to see everyone that deserved to be seen. Each night involved taking on an alter ego and adapting a new persona till the costumes came off. But when is any look ever complete without the proper jewels, and I’m talking 14k solid gold and handcrafted sterling silver.

“A new tradition of luxury” is the motto at Mejuri, as women have two choices to make when it comes to jewelry; expensive classic pieces, or cheap costume jewelry? For Halloween weekend, I could definitely say both. But what if among all the tricks you find the most ultimate treat; jewels so intricately designed, always hand finished but never too expensive. Not a trick. Mejuri explores the depths between the classic and the modern when crafting each piece, delivering only the upmost quality. Because at the end of the day when the masks come off, the wigs get put aside, the cheap costume jewelry gets stored for next year, and a clean pure face is revealed when the makeup wipes off… you have just one thing left; and that is your classic fine jewelry. Here at Simply Jules, we value the time and precision that gets put into every piece you see published and worn on this channel. The jewels curated by Mejuri never go out of style and are sure to honor the beauty of the everyday. That’s what you want right? Pieces of jewelry that you can wear at any time of day, everyday, and that honor the beauty of what we live in.





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Six suitcases, months of preparation, a million runway shows, a million and one presentations, all for one week of fashion. Yes, we are in the midst of New York Fashion Week and designers are presenting what we can eagerly await for come spring.

Every time I come to New York I am always taken back at how large, beautiful and hectic this amazing city is. Especially during fashion week, you see so many different types of people, styles, fashion, not to forget all of the running around from one side of Manhattan to the other. I am sure you can imagine how quickly the week can become very overwhelming. I personally think it is overwhelming in the best way possible, given the amount of work that gets put into just this one week, it’s astonishing. Luckily, this season we got to kick it all off with the beautiful Marmara Park Avenue Hotel. Whether it was running in and out between shows, or taking a break and enjoying the hotel’s beautiful luxury, being able to go home to the Marmara during this crazy time was one of the best rewards. The interior of the hotel was designed by the famous Joe Ginsberg, and he did such a marvelous job making the entire hotel feel comfortable and at home. It’s minimal design is the perfect escape from the busyness of the city, not to mention the amazing team who went out of their way to ensure we were taken care of. We got to also enjoy the luxurious views, views that give you the perfect taste of what NYC is all about. It certainly made me want to call this city my real home one day. We still have 5 days remaining, so stay tuned for what’s to come!


Photography: Kohl Murdock

Hair: Jonah Hoover at Dennis Bartolomei Salon

Edits/Styling: Moi ❤

This past week wrapped up Men’s Fashion Week in New York and Couture Fashion Week in Paris. While the designers showcased their stunning Spring 2017 collections, I’m going to take it back a season for you guys so that we can get those fall wardrobes ready.

There is an overall theme going on in these collections that I’m really, really loving. We are seeing a lot of beautifully long tailored jackets, and a solid mixture of leisure and business wear. Think trousers matched with oversized sweaters, even trousers paired with hoodies. While this may not be your typical business attire, the purpose is to begin integrating the trouser into every day wear.

There is a certain loudness in these collections. We have certainly strayed from some of the minimal lines, seams and structures we saw last fall. However don’t rid your closet of them just yet! Keep some of those structured garments and start pairing them up with more leisurely attire. We see this especially in Rag & Bone’s collection.


Rag & Bone

Saint Laurent came out with a brilliantly beautiful collection which is no surprise given that it was curated by Hedi Slimane. Just as Yves Saint Laurent did himself back in the day, Slimane integrated LA’s polished grunge vibe with a bit of rock & roll onto the runway.


Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

Let’s now take a look at Pyer Moss. This collection has a lot, and I mean A LOT to say. Literally, there were messages hidden in the garments and buttons worn on the hats of the models who walked down the runway.

Pyer Moss

The show concluded with a model carrying a poster saying “My demons won today I’m sorry” – this was the final message of MarShawn McCarrel, a Black Lives Matter activist who committed suicide earlier this year, the same month this collection was launched in February. Kerby Jean-Raymond, the designer for Pyer Moss likes tackling heavy themes throughout his work and reflect what’s happening in our society around us.


Steven Alan was another favorite of mine for this season, his collection revolved around relaxed, acid-wash jeans and boxy jackets – all inspired by Alan’s visit to the Whitney Museum in New York. He appreciated the abstract expressions and the men who painted them. Alan said he wants to create clothes that “a guy could work all night in”. His collection certainly comes with a sense of ease and movement. I really appreciate this aspect of his collection, I personally love the ease of the clothes I wear and what they have to offer. I certainly will be sure to incorporate this in my fall wardrobe as well.

Steven Alan

Steven Alan

Valentino’s ready-to-wear definitely stole my heart. The ease of elegance, the mash up of textures and fabrics – get ready to whip out the velvet – this ENTIRE show was just absolutely breathtaking. See the full collection here.

_VAL0615 _VAL0475 _VAL0381

Certainly a big round of applause to these designers – I am really excited to watch these styles come to life in the next couple of months. Fall is after all my favorite season for fashion. Catch the rest of my favorite collections in the slideshow above!


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Photos from Vogue.com

Technological fashion has been a work in progress in the industry for quite some time now, and we are beginning to see it come to life. Designers are getting more creative than ever and we saw a little bit of what they have up their sleeves at the Met Gala. Marchesa and IBM Watson teamed up to create a living work of art and was worn by Karolina Kurkova. The dress changed colors based on emotion such as happiness and excitement. The co-founder of Marchesa, Keren Craig said  “Technology is about fantasy as well, so it was a perfect fit.”


I have a profound love for designer Alexander McQueen, for in his short life he always encouraged people to think more of fashion than just the clothes. His runways were an art performance that told stories. In 1999, one of his runway collections concluded with two robots spray painting a dress worn by one of his models – the results so terrifying yet so beautiful. That’s what McQueen was all about, finding beauty in the obscure.


Designer Ying Gao began creating kinetic garments in 2013 to incorporate tiny robotics that react to sound. Similar to a porcupine, the pins on this dress contract or undulate based on sound.


This is undoubtedly the future of fashion and eventually were going to begin to see a lot of fashion curated from 3D printing. A lot of the photos in the slideshow above are designs that are crafted completely from 3-D printing; the ideas, the creations  are all endless. Eventually you yourself will be able to design something online and have it printed off right at your home – traveling will sure be a whole lot easier! 3D printed fashion alone is enough to discuss for an entire new blog post. So in the meantime, keep an eye out for some of these technological garments and future posts on how you can start integrating the future of fashion into your wardrobe.


The bowties pictured above can be purchased here on Etsy.

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If you have been waiting for that perfect excuse to go head-to-toe in a white ensemble, congratulations! You’ve made it to Memorial Day! Celebrate in style and class in an attire that is as fresh and crisp as the spring breeze.


CIS2No outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes that look as good as they do feel good. These sandals from Call It Spring are perfect for running around the city or going to the beach for those Memorial Day festivities! They are actually one of the comfiest sandals I own currently…AND the best part? They are on sale for ONLY $20! cis5 CIS4 CIS3cis6WHAT I’M WEARING: Slouchy sweater (similar). Crochet Dress (similar). Call It Spring “Ostera” Sandal. Leonard & Church silver watch. Vintage celine sunnies. Kate Spade patent leather handbag.