TruSelf Organics

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During these hot, sweaty and humid summer days, we have all experienced the toll that the weather takes on our skin, especially our pores. This past week, I teamed up with TruSelf Organics to help bring some relief to our skin during these extreme climates. truorgs1

I received TruSelf Organics’ products in the mail and finally got a chance to pamper myself with their organic detoxifying face mask. After a long day of being outside in the summer heat and humidity, it’s refreshing to wipe away the makeup and connect back to your natural beauty…am I right? It powerfully works to restore, smooth and tone your skin and give you the ultimate glow!truorgs2

TruSelf Organics is made with all natural ingredients produced by mother nature AND are cruelty free. I used the mask each morning for three days and I almost couldn’t believe how smooth and even it made my skin look and feel after each use! After seeing these results I knew I had to incorporate their products into my pampering regimen, the glow it leaves you with is too good to resist!truorgs3truorgs5 truorgs4