Travel Like A Minimalist

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I have some exciting news everyone! Tomorrow marks the beginning of my summer embarkments. My first destination will be Spain. After a week of exploring some of its beautiful cities, It’s off to the homeland of Jordan to reunite with my family.

Now…. the packing.

I am notorious for always packing either 1. too much stuff that I don’t even wear or 2. Not enough stuff that I can’t even wear. When you’re working while you travel like myself, you need those outfits ready on deck, so this year we’re going to take minimalist travel to the next level.

No, this is NOT about how to pack as little as possible… This is about optimal function while maximizing the potential for varying outfits.

1. Neutral colors

Neutrals are some of the easiest clothing items to pack because they can be paired up with anything & everything! I composed a mini lookbook of pieces that can be mixed & matched, dressed up, dressed down, and spiced up with different jewelry & accessories.

 Zara Zara  Zara  Zara Zara .Zara


My favorite way to mix up my outfits is with shoes! Flats, wedges, low heels or high heels give every outfit a different vibe for each occasion.

2. Technology

You do not need your laptop, iPad, iPod, iPhone, iWatch, GoPro and whatever other technology us millennials can’t “live” without. Pick one and leave the rest at home. I know this may sound hypocritical coming from a blogger, but I’m leaving all of that stuff behind and only bringing my digital camera and iPad (iPad solely for work purposes).

3. As for everything else…

Makeup, hair products, handbags and all of that excess stuff… If you must bring it pick it on the low. Your basic daily makeup – you don’t need all that funky eyeshadow and lipstick by every brand in every color. Two long lasting lip colors I do recommend are essence cosmetics “Barely There” & “Dare to Wear“. Lastly, one travel/daily bag and a small evening bag is all you need!
3.1 Phillip Lim   Diana Von Furstenberg

Bon Voyage!