The Minimal Poncho

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I am usually not much of a fan when it comes to ponchos, but when I was checking out the new Urban Outfitters on State Street this past week, this one sucked me in! _AMG9139

I love the elongating look of the poncho, it being slightly longer in the back.

We have been so blessed with the weather that I was able to style this piece with some high-waisted denim, my favorite heeled booties and just a crop top. For the colder weather you’ll see my styling the poncho with a long sleeve shirt underneath, or thrown over a warm cashmere dress, either long or short! It can be worn with a body-con dress/skirt and can either be belted or left lose to hang; the versatility is endless and that is exactly what I look for in a garment before pulling out my wallet!

Many people wonder why I always wear so much black and there’s a reason to it. Black is a barrier between itself and the outside world, giving protection from external emotional stress by absorbing negative energy. It’s a color of power and discipline, so I’m going to wear that head-to-toe!

_AMG9056_AMG9178  _AMG9141 _AMG8678_AMG9095  _AMG9161-2_AMG9027-2

Shop: Turtleneck High/Low Duster Poncho ; Mini Bag

Photography by Adam Galloway