Technological fashion has been a work in progress in the industry for quite some time now, and we are beginning to see it come to life. Designers are getting more creative than ever and we saw a little bit of what they have up their sleeves at the Met Gala. Marchesa and IBM Watson teamed up to create a living work of art and was worn by Karolina Kurkova. The dress changed colors based on emotion such as happiness and excitement. The co-founder of Marchesa, Keren Craig said  “Technology is about fantasy as well, so it was a perfect fit.”


I have a profound love for designer Alexander McQueen, for in his short life he always encouraged people to think more of fashion than just the clothes. His runways were an art performance that told stories. In 1999, one of his runway collections concluded with two robots spray painting a dress worn by one of his models – the results so terrifying yet so beautiful. That’s what McQueen was all about, finding beauty in the obscure.


Designer Ying Gao began creating kinetic garments in 2013 to incorporate tiny robotics that react to sound. Similar to a porcupine, the pins on this dress contract or undulate based on sound.


This is undoubtedly the future of fashion and eventually were going to begin to see a lot of fashion curated from 3D printing. A lot of the photos in the slideshow above are designs that are crafted completely from 3-D printing; the ideas, the creations  are all endless. Eventually you yourself will be able to design something online and have it printed off right at your home – traveling will sure be a whole lot easier! 3D printed fashion alone is enough to discuss for an entire new blog post. So in the meantime, keep an eye out for some of these technological garments and future posts on how you can start integrating the future of fashion into your wardrobe.


The bowties pictured above can be purchased here on Etsy.

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