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Colton Cooper, creator of BetterWornBlack grew up in a very small town and came to Chicago with a unique eye for style. Just given his blog name, I was naturally and immediately intrigued by what he has to say.

Simply Jules: When did you move to Chicago and what inspired you to start your blog?

BetterWornBlack: I moved to the city 4 years ago for school and started BetterWornBlack in 2015 because I thought I had something else to say about fashion, especially in Chicago. I followed bloggers for a while but the few male bloggers in Chicago were wearing the same thing and it was a style that just didn’t speak for me. So I started my own.

SJ: How would you describe your style?

BWB: I would say my style is a little western English mixed with minimalism. It’s very simple and dark. I love a good t-shirt or button-up with jeans – silk button-ups especially and I have endless pairs of black jeans. And you’ll always see me in boots or my Gucci slides.

SJ: Let’s talk a little about minimal style, it’s supposed to be very anti-emotive… But do you think it still reflects your personality?

BWB: It’s contradicting but yes. There is a certain mask on minimalism – it is the blogger perspective – everything is marble, chic, clean lines. But when it comes down to it everyone is doing that and that isn’t a personal style. It’s easy for anyone to adapt a minimalistic wardrobe. My minimalism has my style in it, because I have florals and some grungy pieces that I wear that may not be considered minimal in the sense of the term. However at the same time those pieces are minimal because they’re not loud.

Sometimes I wonder if I am just calling myself a minimalist. I think I’m honestly a very loud person and I don’t even realize it – I think I’m minimal but sometimes I don’t think I really am. I bought this Jil Sander shirt dress that was made for women – teal with lateral stripes and it has long sleeves with a slit up the arm. It is not something I would ever wear in my life, but it’s fantastic. I bought it knowing no one should have to understand this.

SJ: So you’re a loud, minimal introvert you would say?

BWB: Yes I guess so.

SJ: Any style icons?

BWB: Harry Styles, before he cut his hair of course and Dougie Poynter.

SJ: What about favorite designers?

BWB: Absolutely Saint Laurent. He was one of the first couture designer to create a ready to wear line. He’s a genius and definitely an idol.

SJ: What are some of your must haves for the upcoming seasons?

BWB: Definitely my Gucci slingbacks – they are just so comfortable – they’re my favorite. I love a silky pajama shirt for day wear, and can’t wait for a deep blue velvet boot and cashmere parka for fall.

I hate walking down the street and seeing everyone wearing the same thing. Zara is definitely my weakness but I also blame them for this too. It’s about finding and styling the pieces that people don’t have.

SJ: What do you splurge on?

BWB: Shoes. When it comes to clothes, jeans, shirts, whatever – you’re going to grow out of them or they’re going to get ruined. But shoes, I usually buy two per season. Right now I have these Gucci slides and I’m now waiting on these beautiful Saint Laurent boots. The amount of money you put into your shoes reflects how long you’re going to have them. I have these four year old Saint Laurent shoes that still look brand new. If you throw a thousand dollars on them you’re going to wear them 5,000 plus times – I mean come on it’s your feet.

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