Final Homecoming

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In the beginning of December, we said goodbye to a home that has been passed down throughout our family for over three decades. From my aunts and uncles to my sister and I, and the young cousins who grew up spending the holidays here…  at one point there were even six cars in the driveway and was home to eight aunts uncles all living there at once.

img_0024The moving experience was an interesting one to say the least. We watched everything change and everything shift as our family came one by one to say their goodbyes. Every single thing around me was empty, a room I spent 18 years of my life in was now vacant. All of the clothes, the trophies, the albums, the memories… all packed tightly into a million boxes. The last few days before we moved, memories naturally kept pouring in. Sometimes when you look back on your life you almost forget that it was all yours. It is a crazy thing to let go of when you think about ALL of the memories that happened within those walls.  For me I think the craziest part to wrap my head around was that my dad and his siblings grew up in that house too.

I don’t really believe in becoming attached to material things and was pleasantly surprised to see how well I was able to say goodbye. Life happens and it happens so fast that there was almost no time to mourn. I think I prepared myself the entire month of October once we found out it had a serious offer.  When I went to the closing and was face to face with the new owners, as I held back tears, I knew I was happy. I could tell that they were going to love the house as much as we did and that they were going to maintain it in all of its beauty. I have so much I could say about this house but am not really sure how to type it all out. Some things are just better left unsaid, allowing them to always live on in memory and in heart.

So here is to a beautiful home, that stood on its feet for 34 strong years in the Daoud family. A home that helped and watched generation after generation grow and flourish into who we are as a family today. The time inevitably came for me, my mom and my sister to flourish and move on to the next chapter of our lives, and we will forever hold on to the beautiful memories created in that home. Here’s to you. img_9931

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