Falling in Love at A Coffee Shop

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It was Friday, the last day of the week but the end of the week couldn’t come sooner. The day was filled with a four hour long 9:00am class, a trip to the office for CollegeFashionista and then as many photoshoots possible before dusk. With such a long day ahead, this coffee shop couldn’t have started my day any better.


This tiny little coffee shop is squeezed between two skyscrapers right on East Jackson. This is the original building that has been standing since 1892 and used to be a horse stable, a bar, a restaurant and now a beautiful coffee shop. But what makes this coffee shop so unique is the cultural aura it brings. Walking down the alley you get a quick rush of French euphoria, only for it to continue as you order your drip coffee or chai latte along with a fresh croissant in an assortment of flavors.





The ambiance got me and Allison ready to talk everything fashion for our fashion show in two weeks. I now have a new A.M hangout spot and a new cultural feel to start my days.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.01.39 AM