This past week wrapped up Men’s Fashion Week in New York and Couture Fashion Week in Paris. While the designers showcased their stunning Spring 2017 collections, I’m going to take it back a season for you guys so that we can get those fall wardrobes ready.

There is an overall theme going on in these collections that I’m really, really loving. We are seeing a lot of beautifully long tailored jackets, and a solid mixture of leisure and business wear. Think trousers matched with oversized sweaters, even trousers paired with hoodies. While this may not be your typical business attire, the purpose is to begin integrating the trouser into every day wear.

There is a certain loudness in these collections. We have certainly strayed from some of the minimal lines, seams and structures we saw last fall. However don’t rid your closet of them just yet! Keep some of those structured garments and start pairing them up with more leisurely attire. We see this especially in Rag & Bone’s collection.


Rag & Bone

Saint Laurent came out with a brilliantly beautiful collection which is no surprise given that it was curated by Hedi Slimane. Just as Yves Saint Laurent did himself back in the day, Slimane integrated LA’s polished grunge vibe with a bit of rock & roll onto the runway.


Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

Let’s now take a look at Pyer Moss. This collection has a lot, and I mean A LOT to say. Literally, there were messages hidden in the garments and buttons worn on the hats of the models who walked down the runway.

Pyer Moss

The show concluded with a model carrying a poster saying “My demons won today I’m sorry” – this was the final message of MarShawn McCarrel, a Black Lives Matter activist who committed suicide earlier this year, the same month this collection was launched in February. Kerby Jean-Raymond, the designer for Pyer Moss likes tackling heavy themes throughout his work and reflect what’s happening in our society around us.


Steven Alan was another favorite of mine for this season, his collection revolved around relaxed, acid-wash jeans and boxy jackets – all inspired by Alan’s visit to the Whitney Museum in New York. He appreciated the abstract expressions and the men who painted them. Alan said he wants to create clothes that “a guy could work all night in”. His collection certainly comes with a sense of ease and movement. I really appreciate this aspect of his collection, I personally love the ease of the clothes I wear and what they have to offer. I certainly will be sure to incorporate this in my fall wardrobe as well.

Steven Alan

Steven Alan

Valentino’s ready-to-wear definitely stole my heart. The ease of elegance, the mash up of textures and fabrics – get ready to whip out the velvet – this ENTIRE show was just absolutely breathtaking. See the full collection here.

_VAL0615 _VAL0475 _VAL0381

Certainly a big round of applause to these designers – I am really excited to watch these styles come to life in the next couple of months. Fall is after all my favorite season for fashion. Catch the rest of my favorite collections in the slideshow above!


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