There’s nothing we love more than supporting women, especially women who inspire other women. So who’s inspiring us right now? From Bella Hadid to Shea Marie, ladies, all eyes are on you…

There are those fashion bloggers who you love but you wouldn’t want their exact wardrobe, and then there’s Lucy Williams.

Never has been saying “I love everything about her outfit” been easier. While keeping with the current trends, Lucy is always able to put her own little spin on it whether its intricate jewelry or her Chanel drawstring backpack, she owns every outfit with ease. On a side note, how beautiful is her Instagram?


Now, not to fall into the trap of mindlessly following the Jenner/Hadid clan…but Bella Hadid has been executing every look she wears to another level.

We were all wondering how she was going to be able to top off the ultimate naked red dress by Alexandre Vauthier she wore last year to the Cannes Film Festival. Staying true to Monsieur Vauthier, Bella came through this year with the perfect pink dress, glazed with Chopard jewels. But the best accessory? Her ice cream cone from the French Riviera.

Can we all just take a moment to admire Rocky Barne’s boob-grabbing bikini…


This SoCal girl has been able to combine her love for the beach with retro vibes, and make it look effortless. Never has someone’s passion of the jet-set life suited them so much from her Revolve trip to Anguilla in January to her Turks and Caicos escape.

Summertime is slowly approaching and that means bathing suit season is trailing right behind. One pieces have been one of the top trends for over a year now and Shea Marie has been slaying them like no other. She adds her own personal touch of accessories to always stand out and we are especially loving all the body jewelry! Time for us to hit the beach looking like her ASAP.

We are always up for some weekend therapy with a splash of style! Chiara Ferragni has been entering her weekends by throwing on chic, party girl dresses that never fail to flatter. From silky red to bold silver statement dresses, she is dressed to impress for every occasion (including her recent engagement!).

Lainy Hedaya can now take all the attention away from the west coast girls and bring us into a land of ruffles in NYC. She struts down the city streets with extra class due to her compelling style. Her “on-the-go” involves stopping traffic so people can swoon over the array of fabrics she is wearing. We’ll be sure to hit our brakes when we see her in NYC.


Written by Simply Contributors Linda Burt & Stephanie Slager