So ever since I started coloring my hair two years ago, I have not been able to find a salon I’m truly comfortable at. That is not to say I haven’t had some amazing stylists and colorists in the past two years, I have loved every experience! But let me tell you why I really, really love the salon of the year, Dennis Bartolomei.

Dennis keeps his approach to beautiful hair simple and you can see that these values are executed by every stylist. His philosophy is to “treat the hair like a fine fabric, hair color should always be placed as it exists in nature.”

I have to say that the aesthetic of a salon is also very important to me, I like to feel comfortable. When you first enter, it looks like you’re walking straight into an apartment. The space is small and cozy, and the close knit staff is beyond friendly.

I had the honor of working with Jay Hoover. After he warmingly greeted me he understood exactly what I wanted and needed for my hair. The result was everything!