Ready to Wear FW ’17

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Another successful fashion month has come to an end with PFW wrapping it all up last week, but what we saw on the runway is thankfully here to stay. This runway season we saw an appreciated amount of glitz and glamour, sheers, velvets and futuristic references. But besides the cuts and fabrics, we are starting to see designers communicate to the audience more about themselves and the world. I really loved examining the aspects of each show as a whole, fashion is after all a reflection of who you are and what’s going on in our culture and world around us.

Let’s begin the recap from NYFW with Stacey Bendet for Alice + Olivia. I am loving her colors and embellishments here, and we see that she grabbed inspiration from Indian emperors and the Italian Renaissance, not to mention the undeniably stunning space this was shot in – it could not have fit the vision for the collection better! We saw everything between sparkly silhouette dresses to bold two piece sets, a whole lot of color and variance in textures and fabrics; after all, options are what Bendet does best. “It’s about taking everything you’re seeing and hearing and interpreting it as your own,” the designer said.

Up on 146th street New York, Alexander Wang took a darker, more concert-like approach in the majestically crumbling Hamilton Theatre. Wang created an almost entire black collection while still incorporating the party girl, which we all know I love and appreciate on a whole deeper level. His show began with tailored cuts and pieces, and moved quickly on to leathers, catsuits and silver chain detailing. Although we didn’t see any drastically new designs from him, it was a showstopper nonetheless

Mugler was another collection that really caught my eye; admiring the fierceness of his collection as it mimicked the shape of my personal favorite perfume bottle “Angel”, the star design that Thierry has ultimately trademarked. I am majorly loving the comeback of padded shoulders as he exhibited consistently throughout his collection.

Let’s turn our heads to what I  personally consider to be the most significant show to occur this season, Dolce & Gabbana. An assortment of ethnicities, shapes and ages walked down the runway from mothers and daughters to sisters and toddlers, displaying their collection on over 140 people. We saw models, European Royalty and some of the most influential millennials like Kristina Bazan and Negin Mirsalehi showcase the couture. D&G really wanted to incorporate the close human relationships they’ve developed over the many years to not only present their collection but to also display the character of everyone who walked down the runway. D&G also utilized the usage of millennials to make their customers relaxed about buying their clothing, making them feel at home given the assortment of faces that walked this line. They triggered something deeper within its audience – “that is a glorious achievement – something deeper and more enduring than any seasonal novelty.”

Chanel also put on a breathtaking show per usual, this year at the Grand Palais and greeted by a giant space rocket; a metaphor playing off of NASA’s announcement about other potential life supporting planets. With a collection of 99 looks, we see Karl’s never failing elegance, but this time with a touch of futuristic plans to escape Earth, and especially given the mess it is currently in, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea.  To the Chanel Universe we go!

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