What Is A Minimalistic Lifestyle?

Minimalism is the idea of removing what isn’t adding value to your life to make more room for what does.

LESS: clutter, unnecessary time commitments, negative thoughts and toxic relationships

MORE: time, space and energy for things that matter and add value to your life

Minimalism is essentially realizing what is important to you and what is not. As humans, we naturally tend to complicate things and get too caught up in day-to-day life to pay any attention to what it is we want in life versus what we think we want. We buy more than we need, do more than we should, fill our schedule up to the brim; Minimalism allows you to reduce these factors in order to become more aware of your values, more in tune with those values and focus on the aspects of our life that truly matter. Minimalism is a way to go back to making conscious choices and living with intention, rather than letting it all just kind of pile up or allowing others to dictate how we spend our time.

Doesn’t Minimalism mean getting rid of your stuff?!

No, but it is a good place to start. Reducing clutter is the first step to re-focus on what we really care about; it forces you to closely assess and deal with the underlying emotions as to why we still hold on to what we do. It doesn’t mean getting rid of everything…Minimalism is not about owning as little as possible, it isn’t a number game. Our possessions say a lot about us; our  history, aspirations, habits and values, and it’s about owning and doing exactly what you need or want to own.

How Can I Start? 

Sit down and ask yourself…

Which 3-5 things are most important to you in life? Does the way you spend your time reflect these?
What part of the day do you usually look forward to the most? Why?
How many hours per day do you spend feeling rushed, stressed or anxious? What (or who) is causing that?
How often do you do things just for fun?
What activities always leave you feeling fresh and re-energised?
Which of your commitments (side projects, clubs, memberships, etc.) truly add value to your life and which don’t?
If this week had an extra day, how would you spend it?
How good are you at saying no?

30 Day Minimalist Challenge 

Minimalist Challenge