It’s Monday evening and I’m cuddled up in a fuzzy blanket with a warm bowl of soup, dreaming back to my luxurious stay at The Benjamin not too long ago. As of lately, I have been noticing an increased amount of stress sleeping … I wake up with a tight clenched jaw, I usually have […]

Hello hello and happy Friday! I actually can’t believe it’s already the weekend again… This past weekend was spent in NYC and it feels like just yesterday I was there. This was probably my first trip to New York where I was not running around like a crazy lady. This time it was completely business free and I finally got […]

One should always give themselves a reason to celebrate. It is easy to get lost in our every day duties and completely take for granted our accomplishments, no matter how big or how small. We must not forget that purely waking up in the morning every day is a celebration in itself. There are days where I […]

When in New York, there is always so much to see and do. There are always new people to meet, new experiences to come across, new ideas to make come to life; you’re in charge of your own world out there. Upon these discoveries, perched on the lower west side of Manhattan right in Hudson square is […]

Hello lovelies! I write this as I am currently cuddled up at The James Hotel NYC in the coziest white sheets, a gorgeous bedside view of the city, plus a personally delivered fruit plate beside me. I have to admit, I am certainly feeling a little spoiled this morning. The James is a fabulous boutique hotel with gorgeous rooms and […]