Hello lovelies! I first off have to apologize for my lack of content on here lately. Life has been crazy busy ; I moved into a new apartment this month with my best friend and a month later we are still decorating and contemplating the layout – I guess that’s what you get when you […]

This summer, the flared look has made a huge comeback. I’m talking about wide-legged jeans, flared sleeves, flared dresses, trousers… the whole nine yards. The only thing about this look is that it is not as easy to pull off as it looks. You cannot just grab something that has some flare to it and expect […]

Comfortable attire while maintaining the style of the people who wear it. You’ve seen it on Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, the Kardashians and now on Simply. Onepiece has created a brand that designed a new form of art, the art of slacking. You all know my love for being comfortable while looking your best. You also know my love […]

While my closet will always be the house of my monochrome wardrobe, I love tossing around items of color. I talked about it in my previous post, but this season, this blush color is my current obsession! This piece in particular can be worn with just about anything! Throw it over a bathing suit, over a pair […]

After this weekend, if you weren’t at Coachella or the fabulous Revolve Festival and pool party, it sure felt like it as we lived it vicariously through social media. From the free flowing ensembles, body jewels, crop tops or lack there of, festival season is certainly in the air – especially with this recent rush […]