Today I wake up in some of the finest lingerie by Fleur du Mal, with a hand embellished sleeping mask full of Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones… I get out of bed only to walk into a room where there are hundreds of balloons sweeping the floor and a two tiered cake from Toni Patisserie awaiting my delight. Happy 23rd birthday to […]


Brand new and from Christian Villa’s latest collection, are two little leather handbags that traveled all the way from Italy and into my wardrobe. Over the Atlantic lies the workshop of some of the finest Italian leather artisans. Handcrafted piece by piece, the finest leathers come together using techniques that are already used by famous luxury brands, to form […]

Milane Noir

Happy Friday my dears! I write this from my hometown of Cincinnati as I sit outside around a little gaslit bonfire, sipping some coffee and looking out onto the pond and forest of my backyard. I have never really digressed into the place I call home, so I am going to save that for a very special […]


Clink, Clank, Cheers – some of the many sounds of Halloweekend passing by us. Running around the city of Chicago trying to make each and every fabulous party we were invited to, making sure to see everyone that deserved to be seen. Each night involved taking on an alter ego and adapting a new persona […]