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simply Jules

Born and raised in a Jordanian household in Cincinnati Ohio, Julia Daoud was only 4 years old when she began sneaking into her mom’s dressing room, stealing her clothes and heels and using the entire house as her runway. Fifteen years later, Julia became the Owner and Founder of Simply Jules to be your elegant source of simplistic luxury and lifestyle.

Julia attended DePaul University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. During her sophomore year and early stages of the blog, Julia had made the decision that this is what she wanted to devote her time and energy to. Known for her many passions, Julia self-taught herself business while balancing her science degree, allowing Julia to get her LLC in June 2016.

Julia actively serves as an influencer, a social media manager, content creator and freelance writer. Because of her many skills, Julia has become one of Chicago’s most wanted influential. Besides her style, you will find that Julia strives to live a life beyond the clothes, one that embraces the purest essence of all things.

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