In the world of shoes, the options are and will be forever endless. Some people stock up on tennis shoes, some love sandals, but for me, it is all about the HEELS! I will wear heels all day every day whether I’m going to a party, a friends house or even a CVS or a Walgreens, you will see me in heels.

Now when it comes to the rest of my wardrobe, I love customizing just about anything and everything. I tailor almost all of my clothes to better flatter my body, and I do not hesitate to pick up the scissors to do it myself. But what about customizing the beauties that we put on our feet? Yes. I’m talking more heels and I’m also talking about CREATING YOUR OWN SHOES! Our feet do a whole lot for us so there is no doubt that they deserve only the best.

Shoes of Prey allows you to design your very own shoes from top to bottom. You choose the style, the material, the heel height, color, ankle strap, EVERYTHING. Best part? You get to put luxury on your feet while not breaking the bank.

After just spending just five minutes on their website, I had already started about ten different shoe designs. For creatives especially, a website like this really allows you to build essentially whatever shoe you want. It’s seriously amazing. After catching my breath, I realized what my wardrobe really needed was a sexy nude shoe that could be worn during the day and all night long. After a really long and hard time of narrowing down designs, I went with the graceful half d’Orsay on Lanza. Angled block heels are my favorite and I always love a clean pointed toe cap. Champagne Silk and Vanilla Patent Leather took over the base, toe cap and heel for an extremely flattering and elongating look. My shoes only took a couple weeks to deliver which is amazing timing for a shoe that you customized yourself. There is no doubt that I will be designing a new pair at least once every new season. Shoes of Prey has definitely become a new creative outlet for me and a new staple for my wardrobe!