Brand new and from Christian Villa’s latest collection, are two little leather handbags that traveled all the way from Italy and into my wardrobe. Over the Atlantic lies the workshop of some of the finest Italian leather artisans. Handcrafted piece by piece, the finest leathers come together using techniques that are already used by famous luxury brands, to form the handbag you carry today.  I introduce to you, Armadio.

ArmadioI have always been a fan of red, but really started integrating the new hue into my wardrobe this season. When I saw this little red bag I knew I had to have it. Even upon arrival, the smell of fresh leather pervaded the room, and you could immediately tell how carefully crafted each piece is. Since I wear a lot of neutrals, it was fascinating to see the amount of energy a little ruby red gives you, especially when you’re carrying it around with you all day.  I actually love the feeling I get when carrying it; it is a warm and positive color, and it excites and motivates. The fringe detailing also gives the simple cut of the bag a little boost of uniqueness.

Armadio Armadio Armadio ArmadioNext up is this soft leather navy bag that also made it from overseas, and quickly became my new every day carry. You all know how much I love my head-to-toe black, so I love that this bag gives my look a bit of variance and breakage. Both of these bags are handcrafted in Milano by Christian Villa, one of the many artisans Armadio carries.  It is all about these simple versatile statements that make my wardrobe what it is, and I love being able to carry these bags knowing how authentically handcrafted they are. The quality and price that Armadio offers is without a doubt, a luxury must-have. Armadio

Armadio Armadio Armadio

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