Happy Friday my dears! I write this from my hometown of Cincinnati as I sit outside around a little gaslit bonfire, sipping some coffee and looking out onto the pond and forest of my backyard. I have never really digressed into the place I call home, so I am going to save that for a very special blog post as we near the end of November. Today, I also have to credit my second home, Chicago, for their amazing victory the other night making the world series! I’m not one to get too involved with sports, but what an amazing time to be a Chicagoan!

As of lately, a lot has been happening in the life of Simply. Our team is expanding and is undergoing a lot of changes and alterations…growing pains as I like to call them. It is very easy to get overly overwhelmed when running your own business, especially when your friends and colleagues have more of a traditional job and corporate office space. For me, every day and every week is different and it is up to me how it is all structured. But that’s how I have always preferred it. My mom likes to say I have been an entrepreneur ever since I was young; I prefer doing things in my own way, on my own time; it’s about being free and independent. One day I stumbled upon a New York based brand, that shares a similar passion:

“Beautiful. Free. Independent. Dynamic. She walks into a room and immediately is recognized. Her personality is captivating. She works hard, but still finds time for play. She elegantly flirts with fashion. She is sexy, yet sophisticated. She is, Milané Noir.”

Everything about Milané Noir spoke to me, from the sexy sophistication of their handcrafted womenswear to the message behind their story. The amazing thing is, they’re able to actually portray that woman in their clothing. The brand was born to empower the modern woman and focuses on craftsmanship, authenticity, and diversity.

I was immediately drawn to their Frangia blouse, which offers delicacy and elegance while maintaining that same sophistication, independence and sexiness. Every time I put on this blouse, or even see it hanging in my armoire, I remember what it stands for. I don’t wear clothes just for the sake of wearing clothes. It is about embracing the purest essence of everything I come encounter with.

SImplyJulesxMilane Noir


SImplyJulesxMilane Noir SImplyJulesxMilane Noir

SImplyJulesxMilane NoirSImplyJulesxMilane Noir

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Photography by Kohl Murdock