When in New York, there is always so much to see and do. There are always new people to meet, new experiences to come across, new ideas to make come to life; you’re in charge of your own world out there. Upon these discoveries, perched on the lower west side of Manhattan right in Hudson square is the beautiful brand new hotel, the Arlo.

The Arlo had just opened a day or two before the kickstart of fashion week, and we were so fortunate enough to experience what the new kid on the block had to offer. Surely enough, we were not disappointed. When you walk through the doors, you’re greeted by the friendliest staff and the fresh smell of coffee from the cafe around the corner. All of the rooms are the same size with either a queen or king size bed with comforting and modern detail. The set up of the hotel is very open and when you walk in you can see guests either having a drink at the bar, enjoying the outdoor terrace, or simply relaxing on the couches reading the New York Times.

As I think back and write this while sitting at my office desk in my Chicago apartment, I can’t help but acknowledge a familiar feeling about NYC. It’s like an overwhelming gust of love for a city that two years ago, had me just a click a way from dropping out of undergrad in order to move there. As I difficultly fought the urge and continued on with school, the feeling was silenced as I unintentionally thought that maybe I was just meant to stay in Chicago. Don’t get me wrong, I of course consider Chicago my second home and carry it very high in my heart. But now that I’ve graduated, I find it very appropriate to be feeling the same way I felt two years ago when I almost dropped out. So perhaps this feeling re-emerged to open my eyes to see that maybe it is time for a new embarkment, a new story to write and a new world to be experienced. I must never forget my favorite motto – once you get comfortable, it’s time to get uncomfortable again.


Photography – Kohl Murdock

Styling/Edits – Yours truly ❤