This summer, the flared look has made a huge comeback. I’m talking about wide-legged jeans, flared sleeves, flared dresses, trousers… the whole nine yards.

The only thing about this look is that it is not as easy to pull off as it looks. You cannot just grab something that has some flare to it and expect it to look good. For me, the boot cut denim jean is something I personally can never pull off, unless I happen to grow an extra 5 inches before putting them on. You have to find the right cut and especially the right material that suits your body type and shape. What is so wonderful about this style of clothing is that it does offer an extra luxury of comfort while still looking extremely well put together.

It took me a while, but I may have found the perfect pair of wide legged trousers for my summer wardrobe. I think the secret to these pleated trousers are its texture. I have a pear shaped body, meaning I’m a lot smaller on top than I am bottom, so the ribbed texture of these trousers does a wonderful job of blending my shape together. I love a good light-weight linen in the summer so I threw on this Studio Knot Shirt . Together the look is classy, comfortable and gives a nice breeze given the light weight textures and flow.

IMG_8611So there is no need to be intimidated by this seasonal trend. Just acknowledge what your body needs and be patient on your search for the perfect item. You’ll find it and once you do, wear it with confidence and a beautiful smile on your face. The hunt for fashion is always worth the wait.