While my closet will always be the house of my monochrome wardrobe, I love tossing around items of color. I talked about it in my previous post, but this season, this blush color is my current obsession! This piece in particular can be worn with just about anything! Throw it over a bathing suit, over a pair of your favorite ripped denim shorts, or as I did, over your all white ensemble. The pleats are my favorite as they add a little flow, texture and layering to something so simple and versatile, also allowing you to dress it up or dress it down, however you please! That is forever what my wardrobe will be about, remaining versatile no matter what. It is a very smart way to shop and you get a lot of use out of just a few items! And of course, my little vintage Givenchy bag, which I am sure you are all very familiar with now since I carry it almost everywhere, is the perfect little bag because it actually manages to hold everything I need!

Fine Pleated Hem Jacket /BCBG Codie Skort / White Mock Neck Top / Adolfo Dominguez Shoes (Similar)