This past Christmas my family and I took a cruise down south to the ABC islands in the Caribbean; Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

We were at sea for 4 days with absolutely nothing but water around us, and with only 3 hours of wifi for 8 days the entire trip was beyond meditational. Every thought clear, a refreshed perspective and dashes of different cultures all around us! Oh, and we saw about 5 rainbows a day ❤

Aside from the traditional sightseeing and bumming on the beach, Curacao was the island we explored the most. 

We got to visit Tula Museum, a restored plantation home where we saw how the people of the island lived before and after slavery. Unfortunately no photos were allowed but it was so inspiring to see how everything the islanders owned came solely from nature; from kitchenware to garden tools to hair and skin products… even the ceiling and paint.

We then explored the volcanic west coast, the energy of the water crashing against these wild rock formations was so amazing and powerful.

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Aruba was our second island and I lost just about ALL OF THE PICTURES from this island 😦 My over-filled SD card crashed and I’m hoping to revive it and recover the photos, but what I can say is that Aruba is an island that definitely deserves to be seen. The waters are so clear and the Ayo rock formations are amazing – we climbed to the top! We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beautiful white sand beaches.

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Lastly was Bonaire. Did you know Bonaire is essentially a coral reef that has been geologically pushed up and out of the sea?! If you are looking to snorkel, you’ve found the perfect island! In the afternoon we shopped, admired the architecture and ate at a local restaurant and had the island famous ice cream at Gio’s.








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