The Dead Sea

Every year when we visit our family in Jordan, we make sure to drive 1,320 feet down to the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. It is 9.6 times as salty as the ocean so the second you lift your feet from the floor you immediately float.

The mineral content of the water, in addition to the mud that is collected from the floor of the sea have extreme benefits and treatments. Its reduced ultraviolet component of solar radiation and its higher atmospheric pressure each have specific health effects. Every year I go I have met someone there who is treating a condition they have, ranging from respiratory to skin health.

Apart from its medicinal benefits, there is something extremely spiritual about being in the sea. Last summer I was experiencing a hard phase of depression, and when I came to the sea my perspective took a total turn. There is something extremely cleansing of the mind and body every time I come here. I have yet to experience a meditational experience quite like this one.   sea deadseadeadsea9DSC_0667deadsea5deadsea10Swim suit by Michael Kors.