Spring & Summer Inspiration

Here in the Windy City, Chitown cannot seem to favor the 70’s or the 50’s in terms of the weather. Since today is a bit on the chillier side, I thought I would spark some inspiration & curate a post with some of my favorite looks for the season. Who doesn’t love an inspiring lookbook on a rainy Monday?
I have always been obsessed with skorts! You get the best of both and this one also comes in black! Even better? It’s currently 50% off at Zara!

My favorite hairstyle for the season? After my amazing experience at goldplaited last week, I definitely would have to say I have a new obsession for braids. Check out the braid bun I rocked last Wednesday:










Dresses, dresses, dresses… who likes to wear pants when its warm out?




8342031600_2_1_1…. yes, that is color you see & may be the first colored item of the season to enter my wardrobe because that dress is just way too pretty.


& I honestly could not be more obsessed with elegant sheer pieces…



Here’s some final inspiration as you continue to wish for all of these beautiful pieces to magically appear in your closet 😉 

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