Health Update + DAVID’s TEA Review

I must start off by saying, one last time, that every single one of you are just so amazing for all of your love and support while I was ill, and I could not be more thankful. After many more tests and second and third opinions, all tests came back negative! Although this is great news, I technically have no diagnosis or remedy to the strange stomach pain I’ve been experiencing. Refusing to let this “thing” get in the way, I decided to take on my own approach to naturally heal my body. One way I’ve been doing this is by experimenting with different pH levels, and realized that I currently cannot consume anything below a pH of 5.3. Another treatment I have found to be successful is the consumption of certain teas.

So one day after getting a beautifully done blowout at DreamDry, I decided to walk next door and check out DAVIDsTEA on Armitage. I walked in only to be amazed by an entire wall full of white, green, black, oolong, pu’erh, mate, rooibos and herbal tea. I (difficultly) narrowed it down to three that specifically aid with digestion, and the way these natural herbs simply treat your body is something I knew I had to share!

“The Buzz”

Ingredients: Ginger, green tea, matcha green tea, yerba maté, quince, apple, lemon peel, orange peel, licorice root, lemongrass, guarana powder, white ginseng, natural lemon oil.


This tea comes close to replacing my cup of coffee in the morning since coffee typically has a pH of 5.0. The combination of these ingredients, especially the hint of white ginseng, makes for a perfect cup to keep me buzzing all morning long!

“The Skinny”

Ingredients: Organic: Chinese oolong tea, Chinese pu’erh tea, ginger, orange peel, eleuthero root.


The pu’erh in this tea serves as a delicious traditional digestive, along with oolong and ginger. I love how simple this tea is and it’s perfect to jazz up your daily dosage of H2O! A tasty tea to give you that little extra push during the day.

“Le Digestif”


Ingredients: Organic: Apple mint, fennel, ginger, peppermint, orange peel. With natural mango and peppermint flavoring.

Last but not least, this one is certainly my favorite. Whether before, during or right after a meal, this tea is sure to aid any aches and pains during digestion. This tea is composed of a lot history; the ancient Greeks and their peppermint, the fennel seed in India and the ginger in China, and has been used as a digestive supplement for centuries!


See more from DAVIDsTEA and everything they have to offer! These herbs have served as natural remedies for years and I can’t wait to start experimenting with more of these holistic treatments!