Black Velvet

Happy first Monday of March! This past week I did a little pre-spring cleaning… the best thing about getting rid of the old? Rediscovering old pieces and new ways to wear them!

Come spring and summer, I’m almost always wearing a dress or skirt, because to be quite honest,  90% of the time I hate wearing pants. Thanks to the midwest, having to wear pants for (at least) 6 months out of the year is tiring, restricting and really bores my style, so you could only imagine my excitement upon stumbling upon this black velvet slit skirt.

Maxi skirt + velvet = appropriate cold weather attire

Pre Fall 2015Pre Fall 2015

After completing my pre-spring cleaning, my closet completely consists of white, black and gray and every imaginable shade within that realm.

A white chunky high-neck knit sweater and scarf, along with my latest obsession, this beige handmade coat from Zara brought this skirt warmth and completion in addition to my Tory Burch boots and Kate Spade Satchel.

Pre Fall 2015Pre Fall 2015  Pre Fall 2015

Pre Fall 2015


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