Generation “Too Busy”

7:00am alarm… begin to-do list. 11:59pm…end to-do list.

“Hey how are you?”  “Ah so so busy, how are you?”

A conversation we are all guilty of. The “I’m busy” has become the new “I’m fine.” We have become generation “too busy”.

We are living in a culture that glorifies the act of being busy. It has almost in a way become a social status; if you don’t have a bursting calendar and a mile-long to-do list, you must be doing something wrong. For example, if everyone walking down the street is overweight, you justify being overweight yourself because hey, everyone else is doing it.

For some reason we have come to associate guilt with taking a break and not constantly running from one thing to another. This abundance of things and activities is relatively new when in fact, life used to be very simple. I myself would feel terrible if I weren’t constantly thinking or producing some sort of new idea to feel productive. While on my quest for simplicity, I was actually complicating almost everything. As humans we naturally tend to complicate things, it isn’t easy thinking simply in order to achieve minimalism.

I have now come to think that my time in the hospital was the biggest blessing in disguise. Our bodies have a way of telling us when we are taking on too large of a load, and my body was literally being destroyed because I was mentally “too busy.” I needed to come back to myself.

It is all about understanding your priorities, finding balance between those priorities and doing them with intention because shouldn’t you truly love what you’re doing? We have become so busy checking things off a list we don’t have time to wonder why they’re on the list in the first place. We get a sense of euphoria each time we cross something off, but when you really think about what brings you happiness, note how little stuff is actually involved.

So STOP telling people you’re “too busy”… it isn’t a thing to be glorified. The “do less attitude” allows you to save that precious willpower for doing the wonderful big and small things you want more of in your life. Transform your “busy” life into a productive one and live everyday with love and intention.  ❤

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