Positive Illness & Dressed Up Cashmere

Happy happy Monday! I apologize for being slightly behind on the blog this past week… I have been sick with a terrible sinus infection, of course during one of my busiest weekends! Although, it’s OK because Sunday I treated myself to staying in bed all day :).

When I feel myself getting sick, I actually try to deny it. I believe that when the mind thinks the body is getting sick, the brain will then act upon it in acceptance. I think of the brain and mind as two separate entities; the brain is what controls the body, and the mind is what controls thoughts and beliefs.


Although the sinus infection has won this time, there is still the opportunity to help naturally speed up your body to fight back! I do this by continuing to fill my mind with positive affirmations. I believe that if the mind is positive then the brain will follow! We all know how hard it is to stay happy while having the shivers and your head in a fog, so I thought I would share a few sayings that helped keep my mind happy in times of sickness 🙂




And what better way to feel good than dressing up your warmest cashmere dress on a busy (sick) Saturday… you look good, you feel good right?!





What I’m Wearing: 

Turtleneck Sweater/Fur Vest: Zara (similar)/(similar)

Cashmere Dress: Nieman Marcus (here)

Purse: Vintage Givenchy

Jewelry: BCBG Max Azria

Have a lovely and positive week!

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