Product Review: Rodan + Fields

Every year, one of many New Years resolutions involves taking better care of one’s health. This does not just entail healthier eating, exercising etc. but the products we use as well, especially on our face! We fill our pores with moisturizers and the wonders of make up, but it is the healthy skin below that often does not get all of the attention it deserves.

One of my dear friends introduced me to a collection of products created by Stanford trained dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.


The first product and first step to beautiful skin is to always have a quality exfoliant to rid your pores after a hard days work. This Micro-Dermabrasion Paste is an oil-free gentle exfoliant that helps rid of rough dry spots and leaves your skin even and smooth.



I use REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum before I sleep. The serum is so lightweight and feels like silk when applied. Infused with a blend of peptides and retinol, this serum works its magic to improve skin texture and minimize pores. Every morning my skin looks and feels ready to tackle the day.



After a long day of wearing lipstick, it is really easy for my lips to become dry and cracked. With this Lip Renewing Serummy lips stay smooth and full for the days to come. I even apply a little during the day over my lipstick to keep it looking fresh for hours!

See the amazing benefits Rodan + Fields has to offer! I have teamed up with Alexis Macino to give ONE lucky winner the chance to try out these three amazing products.

To Enter:

1. Follow @simplyjules__ and @macinoac

2. Click here and leave your full name and email address


  1. I absolutely love your photos highlighting the Rodan + Fields line. Would you mind if used them? I’ll credit you of course. If not, no worries at all, just thought I’d drop in to say how much I liked your post! 🙂


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