Revamping with Winter Whites


If you have been following the Lifestyle of Simply, you know that lately I have been stuck in a rut, an uninspired rut. I have been in need of something new, and lately the intentions behind my style were just not making the cut. So in result, I decided to revamp the idea behind the fashion of Simply Jules. I want it to be more autobiographical, to be more expressive and to let my clothes reflect my thoughts. 

I chose an all white look because white offers an inner cleansing and purifying of your thoughts, emotions and ultimately your spirit. It is refreshing and strengthens your entire energy system. 


I went on a small shopping spree at Zara the other day. Two of the items purchased was this white turtleneck sweater with pockets and side zippers, as well as these beige leather trousers. The white and beige collaborated perfectly to create a winter white palette. My Furla precisely matched my look, along with my tan and black Marc Jacobs Booties. 



These booties are one of my favorites! I love the deep slit + tan around the ankle; elongation at its finest! 


Throw on a dark coat for a deep contrast and you are all set! 

Coat by Eileen Fisher 



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