Street Style: Faux Real ft. Ava Bobola

Ava Bobola is currently a social media intern for the app Pinkfluence. She creates content for the app’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and is excited about the app’s recent launch on iTunes! 


An outfit drenched in black with a few tanned tones and textures comprised this Fashionista’s ensemble on a chilly day in the Windy City. From her cozy black sweater to her liquid leggings to finally her black booties, this Fashionista was stylish, chic but most importantly, warm! Yes, I am talking about fur and there is no better time of the year to start bringing out your warmest attire.


Whether real or faux, there is no denying the extra warmth that these creations provide. When it comes to the cold, warmth is the only thing on your mind when styling your daily ensemble, but this does not mean you have to lose your style in the process! It is the perfect accessory to fancy up a look, break up a monochromatic affair or just to stay warm as the Windy City pierces us with its coldness… Continue Reading. 


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