The Human Energy


I can’t even begin to express how much this quote has helped me and how important it is. It was not until earlier this year when I realized how unaware I was of the different energies around me. This past February was a very tough winter for me. I was so detached from my reality, my presence and my being, and this left me in a really dark phase of my life. I was aware of this dark sadness but could not take responsibility for being in charge, or even the cause of it. I depended on outside factors to provide my life with happiness. My happiness essentially resided in other people, people who radiated a lot of negativity and discouragement. I knew if something didn’t change, my life would continue to spiral. 

It was not until May when I started to regain a grip on my life. I started taking small initiatives on my own to cheer up my days and although they were small, I knew this was the first step. Long story short, by the middle of summer, I was completely back in my reality and it was all because I started mentally filtering the different energies around me. If I felt a negative energy enter, for example, it could be something someone said, and sometimes it could just be the energy that comes off of humans in general, I would do something that I myself enjoyed in order to mentally remove it and replace it with something positive. 

It is definitely easier said than done, but practicing and being mindful of who you let into your space will have a dramatic change on your life forever. I can say that by doing so, I am confident in who I am, who I want to be and the direction my life is taking. Want to learn more? Go ahead and “Ask” at the top!

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