A Life Project

Back in September, I started a new project. It is called a life project and there are many ways one could go about it. Since I am a very visual learner I decided to gather about 30 photos that make me extremely happy, or photos that represent something larger that I want to achieve in life. I made it into a collage and it hangs above my desk so I’m sure to see it every day.

By doing this, not only am I constantly reminded of my goals, but by visually seeing it I am helping my subconscious understand what I want and to be comfortable with what I want. The subconscious works to protect the body, so once it senses that something is different or there is significant change, simply put, it holds you back to keep you in your comfort zone. With the life project boards, it helps to alter the subconscious so it can work with you to help drive you to your goals. 

Once you look at your board and you don’t get as excited about the photos, that means your mind is comfortable with it and it’s time to make a new one. Over time, you can see what values transfer from board to board and eventually you will end up with a board that reflects your current lifestyle. I just started my second in October 🙂 


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